Terres Blanches - Chatou

Discover Chatou Les Terres Blanches, Chatou

Located near Paris, Chatou is enclosed in the Boucles de la Seine. With a rich cultural, artistic and natural heritage, this small town is a destination for relaxation and disconnection.

Chatou, the Country of the Impressionist

Unique and majestic, the Boucles de la Seine inspired the great artists of the second half of the 19th century. From Monet to Renoir, passing through Pissarro, Sisley and Turner, all have been enchanted by the light of this region to create some of their greatest masterpieces. Thus was born the Country of the Impressionist which regroup nine communes and “Le Chemin des Impressionnistes”, many of which are from Chatou, and which you will have the opportunity to discover during your stay at the hotel Les Terres Blanches.

A rich cultural, architectural and historic heritage

Rich of its historical and cultural past, Chatou invites its visitors to discover its heritage. To follow the footsteps of the Impressionists, you have to go to the Impressionist Island. Unrivaled in beauty, the island has inspired Renoir’s “La Lunch des Canotiers” (1881). It is possible to visit the Maison de la Fournaise, a former adored guinguette of artists, painters and writers of past centuries. Transformed into a museum, the house presents a collection of art on its own history and on life on the banks of the Seine in the 19th century. In the heart of the city stands the sumptuous Notre Dame church, erected in the 12th century. Its tower houses a statue of chestnut wood representing the Virgin and her child. Not far from there is the castle of La Faisanderie, listed in the inventory of historical monuments since 1976.

The island of Chatou is connected to that of Croissy by a large park of 7 hectares: the Parc des Impressionnistes. This green setting offers an ideal natural space for a bucolic stroll. Around Chatou, you can also visit the old village of Carrières-sur-Seine which enchants the curious with its charming alleys and the remains of its medieval abbey. Further west, Croissy invites the visitor to stroll through its streets full of history to discover its authentic heritage and its buildings.