Discover Rueil-Malmaison Les Terres Blanches, Chatou

Imperial City, Rueil-Malmaison was immortalized by Impressionist painters. It keeps an indelible trace of the time when Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Joséphine lived at the Château de Malmaison. An original outing to be made during your stay at Les Terres Blanches!

Rueil-Malmaison, a city full of history

The unmistakable place of the city is undoubtedly the Castle of Malmaison. Purchased in 1799 by Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife, the house became a high place of artistic and political life. Its rooms, decorated with marble, gilding and mosaics, and decorated with elegance, testify to Napoleonic history. We also discover Josephine’s passion for botany. The visit ends with a sublime rose garden of 150 varieties that invites you to a true sensory journey. In 1805, Josephine decides to build the Castle of Little Malmaison which does not fail to charm visitors and recalls the Petit Trianon of Marie Antoinette in Versailles.

To discover the history of the city, we advise you to make a detour to the Museum of Local History which takes place in the old town hall of style Second Empire. Nearby is the Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul church, which houses the burials of Empress Joséphine and her daughter, Queen Hortense. Finally, the romantics will have the opportunity to make a detour through the Temple of Love, work of the architect Louis-Martin Berthault to adorn the park of Malmaison

Many green spaces to relax

Rueil-Malmaison also has many parks where it is pleasant to walk. The Parc des Impressionnistes pays tribute to Monet with a rose garden, a white garden and a collection garden. Further, you will find the Parc de Bois-Préau and its castle where you can smell rare plant essences; The Promenade Jacques Baumel, perched on the Mont-Valérien with its view on Paris; The Friendship Park and its aromatic plants; And finally, the forest of the domain of Malmaison, acquired by Josephine in 1800.